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Thu Jun 27 14:39:35 PDT 2002

Steven Brust <skzb at dreamcafe.com> writes:

> At 02:14 PM 6/27/2002 -0500, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
> >   And,
> > > while they cut some of my favorite parts (I'm especially partial to
> > > the relationship between Glordindel and Gimli), I think all the things
> > > they cut were reasonable.
> >
> >*Legolas* and Gimli, maybe?
> Uh...let's shoot for Galadriel and Gimli.
> (Sheesh)

Okay, that makes sense too (though the Legolas / Gimli relationship
got considerably more attention paid to it in the book).  For that
matter, it was the time in Rivendell that really cemented the Legolas
/ Gimli friendship, so it's not unrelated to the Galadriel.  
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