"Fantasy" Films

Fri Jun 28 01:17:14 PDT 2002

Starshadw at aol.com wrote:
> Steve, I just read your scifi.com interview, and I'm going to link to
> it on the RPG site just because I thought many of the things you said
> were fecking brilliant.  But that's not what this is about.
> I noted that you said you hadn't seen a single fantasty film that was
> really worth watching.  I'm wondering if you have seen PJ's
> Fellowship of the Ring, and whether that changed your mind at all, or
> whether you still feel the same way?  I'm also curious what others on
> the list thought of the film.
> For me, as a lover of fantasy, I have to basically agree with you re:
fantasy films.  Which is not to say I don't enjoy re-watching Hollywood's
attempts at fantasy films, because I do occasionally re-watch them - mostly
for nostalgia, I think.  I can say I enjoyed most of them, but that I always
felt they fell short of what they "could/should" have been. -thinking-  Of
course, the fact that most of the fantasy films had good-looking men in them
(remembering David Bowie's codpieces in Labyrinth)...but I digress! Ahem!
ANYway....heh....was just curious how you (and everyone else on the list)
felt about FotR.
> I'll see what others start saying before I make any comments of my
> own.
> Sheesh!  I've been single waaaaaay too long. -grins-
> Stacy

I tend to think of all movies as fantasy, maybe not my type of fantasy but
it's someones fantasy. I think this is proven by the fact that most of
america likes to see things blown up, which says something about the average
movie go-er's imagination. The best they can come up with is 'chicks' and
'guns' + a few explosions. This is not reality. Hence I consider it fantasy.
What generally is classified as fantasy I like to think of as 'Imaginative'

What about the Princess Bride? I think of that as a comedy and the premise
behind it was a grandfather reading a story (heh, a book) to his ill
grandson. It's like we've submitted that any really worthwhile story is made
into a book, maybe from there it will see film. film is about money most of
the artistic and imaginative film never makes it through the chain of
distribution to us but on rare and special occasions.

Just with any media it takes quality of workmanship, and generally creative
thought to do well. The movie indistry hasn't seemed to think that is what
makes good movies, they've realized the stories that are original to thier
genere of storytelling haven't really been as good as they could be, look
over the last few years and you might spot the shift of where movies are
going. Harry potter (haven't seen) and FotR (haven't seen all of) made huge
ammounts of money, I think there  based on that a slew of really horrible
'fantasy' films will be made in the next few years, that's hollywood's
trend; milk it for every buck. I'd be glad to see them prove me wrong and
produce only good movies, don't forget though that something being good is
only relative, there is no accounting for the publics taste. The guys in
tinsel town know where the money is at at the moment, imaginative if not
good 'fantasy' stories.

Looks like I went on a bit of a rant, please excuse me. heh

Angelo Tripp-Russo