'Fantasy' Films

Fri Jun 28 01:43:20 PDT 2002

Matthew Hunter wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 27, 2002 at 05:57:41PM -0400, Rick Castello
> <rick at 404.978.org> wrote:
>>      Another beef of mine about the new version- I felt that nearly
>>      all of the actors (there were a couple exceptions) weren't all
>>      that good.  Much of the time, I felt the overacting was a 7 on
>>      the scale where Jeremy Irons in "Dungeons and Dragons" is a 10.
> Yes, but he KNEW the movie he was in sucked, and played up to it.
> The D&D movie is a successful comedy... when it was trying to be
> a mediocre drama.  That says a lot about its quality, as in, lack
> thereof.

I think he needed a paycheck bad and either way he didn't care. And it being
a comedy had to be on purpose, you can't cast a wayans brother and expect it
to be serious - EVER

I could have gamed a more entertaining story than they choose to use. the
real problem is I as a viewer never felt as If I was looking into a world I
wasn't part of and found interesting.