More Dream casts

Nikki M. Pill stvitus at flash.net
Fri Jun 28 16:16:26 PDT 2002

Josh wrote:

> Sethra?  I've always thought Angelica Houston or Sigourney Weaver...
> They're both pretty evil.

Sigourney is a brilliant choice too... Though she's not always an "evil"
character, nor is Sethra -- so the flexibility is good. Just imagine
Iceflame instead of flame throwers, and Jenoine instead of aliens. Could we
get Geiger to design the Jenoine???

Stacy suggested:

>Actually, I think Michelle Pfiefer could play Sethra - just dye her hair
>dark.  Or Cate Blanchett (again, with hair dyed).

Michelle could do it. I still haven't forgiven Cate for the anemic
Galadriel, though she was a good Elizabeth.

More ideas:

Taltos era:

Teldra - Gong Li
Demon - Christopher Walken
Daymar - Alan Rickman... or perhaps Johnny Depp. We should just keep Johnny
around and decide later because he can play anyone.

Paarfi era:

Mica - Kevin Spacey
Garland - Michael Wincott
Mario - Viggo Mortenson