"Fantasy" Films/HP/Dream casts

Steve Simmons scs at di.org
Sat Jun 29 18:27:43 PDT 2002

nikki m. pill writes:

> Sethra: IS there anyone who could pull this role off???

Angelica Huston would be great, tho she might be a bit old for the role
now.  Who played the witch in `Legend of Sleepy Hollow'?  Great
performance, she could do Sethra.  Maybe save Huston for The Necromancer.

And Alan Rickman as Krager.

Frank Mayhar wrote:

> Frank Mayhar [for Daymar].  In one of his more spaced-out moments. :-)

Whose, Hurts or Daymars?  :-)
  ``You gotta distinguish between telling a tale for amusement, as in "Well,
there I was facing down the crowds at Riotcon...", and telling it for the
record, as in "Well, you see, officer, it happened like this...". (Actually,
that might not be the best example.)''	-- Chris Clayton, in private email