Sennya and Ibronka (possible PotD spoilers)

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	>quite a bit for Mocking All Proper Dzurs, I believe that Grita's
	>mother was Sennya, and that, therefore, Grita/Orlaan and Ibronka
	>are half-sisters.  THIS WOULD have probably been sufficient
	>blackmail-material for Greycat to get himself a fairly tame pet
	>Dzur Heir Sennya.


	Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Greycat/Garland also Grita/Orlaan's father? Does anyone remember what house Garland is? Athyra?
	>I could say something that I bet that Kytraan and Ibronka will
	>produce Mellar, but I'd get jumped on and beaten with sticks, so I
	Besides, Mellar was genetically of three houses and as far as we know, Ibronka is all Dzur and Kytraan is all Dragon.  Where's the Jhereg in that mix? Although it is true we don't know who Kytraan's mother is, maybe that's a well-kept secret.