Taltos Notes

Reen Brust reen at mpls.cx
Tue Jan 7 23:45:32 PST 2003

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From: "David Silberstein" <davids at kithrup.com>
For "Before hanging into", read "Before changing into"

Stupid, stupid spool chucker.

I read that as intended not as written, and hadn't noticed the lack of the
'c' until you mentioned it.  Boy, do I agree about the spellchecker.  I just
came on line this past holiday season and I quickly found that the stupid
thing will "OK" wrong spellings.  I lost all confidence and stopped
bothering, but I am used to computers in a work environment and find that I
sometimes run it without thinking about it.  To my surprise, occassionally
it actually works as demonstrated by displaying an incorrect word.  I have
no clue why this might be.

Thanks for the Taltos info.