genetics and mendel

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> >I don't see Aliera being that much beyond Mendel in genetics - e.g., 
> >Dragaerans aren't anywhere near being able to change their 
> bodies from 
> >one house to another or we would have heard all about it in 
> Jhereg and 
> >elsewhere.
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> I disagree, in one of the books she talks about isolating a new 
> dragon line recessive.  As a person who's work revolves around 
> genetics, i will tell you that whether Steven knows it or not (i have 
> not clue as to his genetics background) such statements imply a 
> rather advanced knowledge of genetics.  It is rather involved to 
> identify line or lineage specific markers especially when they are 
> recessive.

Something else to keep in mind is that we can only draw rough parallels
between their sorcery and our technology. I agree, she seems to be way
beyond us in genetics, probably due to lessons from Mom, who as a lab
tech/grad student/flunky surely knew lots more than the Jenoine. But can
she clone a pig?