Two words about two letters etc.

Wed Jan 8 11:20:54 PST 2003

>From: "Andrew Lias" <anrwlias at hotmail.com>
>To: philiph at SLAC.Stanford.EDU

>This suggests to me that the hypothesis that the universe is fundamentally 
>different is plausible.  Perhaps our sort of technology *can't* exist on 

Another point in favor of this hypothesis is that the Jeonine don't bring 
any super-tech to the battle in Issola.  No one doubts that the Jeonine are 
ultrasophisticated (genetically merging species and producing not only 
living beings, but fertile beings, is no small feat), but their own 
technology is clearly based on Chaos manipulation (which they have clearly 

Although the Jeonine do think "differently" than we do, I'd certainly be 
surprised if they haven't explored all of the technological avenues 
available to their discovery by this point in time.

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