the Orb

Reen Brust reen at mpls.cx
Wed Jan 8 19:59:21 PST 2003

> The Orb of course is a computer/router/...

What a wierd thing to say.   Calling it a Great Weapon would be a demotion,
to call it a router is mindboggling.

 Zerika I managed to create
> such a complex object from scratch but her empire was relying on exploding
> sticks millennia later - this puzzles me.

Have you considered devine intervention?

> Plane travel is pretty close to teleportation - consider its effect on
> human digestion...  If I was an architect I'd argue that
> steel/elevators/skyscraper design technology is equivalent (in effect if
> not quite in aesthetics) to the magic behind (below) Castle Black -
> including its unfortunate vulnerabilities.
> Anyway, it's hard for me to understand the lack of guns, electricity,
> what have you in the pre-modern era - esp. given that the empire trades
> with an island where sorcery doesn't work.
> - Philip