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Wed Jan 8 18:01:48 PST 2003

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>>There are plenty of sharp Easterners around in Dragaera (Khaavren's
>>librarian, the Marxist in Teckla/Phoenix) but relatively speaking
>>I don't recall many Dragaerans acting intelligently - Khaavren,
>>perhaps Pel, certainly Sethra in Orca.
>Surly the Dragon, all of the Yendi we've met, to say nothing of Mario, whom 
>even Vlad is in absolute awe of.

I think Vlad is more in awe of his reputation, though.

>From PotD, it seems that the secrets of constructing the Orb have been long 
>since lost and that the Orb is, necessarily, a one-of-a-kind device that can 
>not be duplicated.  If Morrolan and Aliera do, indeed, have the necessary 
>knowledge to construct another Orb, it's knowledge that's only come to light 
>since the Interregnum.

I was under the impression that the major obstacle to a new Orb was
getting the requisite material together.  I'm AFB, but isn't it
something like trellistone or something?



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