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Wed Jan 8 20:48:38 PST 2003

Our timeline of discovery follows a different course from Dragaera's.  Well, why is this?  That is the discussion.

If our dicoveries weren't predetermined, they were uncertain at least.  The microchip, rifle, or combustion engine might be an UNLIKELY realization of scientific inquiry, although the underlying concepts may seem obvious to us today.

Scientists believe in unalterable natural laws.  Sorcerors alter or suspend certain natural laws.  Therefore, scientists would not be given much credence in Dragaera.  Dragaeran research is primarily concerned with sorcery or biology, although I surmise there may be some Dragaeran alchemists.

Why aren't Easterners technologically advanced?  Here are some ideas.  Easterners seem to be naturally superstitious.  Perhaps they are unlikely to form Universities because of the invasions.  Stereotypically speaking, Easterners are mostly illiterate and poor.

If you're still reading this, I thank you.  I am new to the Dragaera discussion list but not to the books.  I have enjoyed reading many of your contributions.  I will continue reading them all and writing some.  I apologize in advance for any of my inevitable mistakes in spelling or reasoning.

Tyler Day

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