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Thu Jan 9 11:39:53 PST 2003

> >
> > I'd always rather assumed that the gods (or whatever entities created
> > and maintain the Cycle -- which I think is something rather "higher"
> > on the scale)
> This is an excellent point - shall we say anything capable of creating
> an artifact that can warp causality on a detailed society-wide scale is a
> Brust-level entity?  I can see an Uebergodly pencil descending from beyond
> and scratching out Gods like Tri'nagore who won't get with the program...
> But if there is such an entity why doesn't it quash the Jenoine?

Possible answers:
A) It can't; its power is restricted to the immediate vicinity of 
B) It doesn't care; its *interest* is restricted to the immediate 
vicinity of Dragaera.  Note that all Jenoine incursions to Dragaera
*have* been quashed.
C) It doesn't want to, because the occasional Jenoine incursion to 
Dragaera serves its purposes.


> My point (or assertion since we know squat about magic) was that humans
> function, therefore technology does - I can much more easily imagine
> changes in physics that would allow cars and computers but not cats than
> vice versa.  A protein or a synapse is a lot more sensitive to such
> changes than a piston or a semiconductor.

Good point.  And one that's perfectly valid in a universe where the
Strong Anthropic Principle doesn't hold.  I suspect that Dragaera is
not such a universe :-)

> Also note that higher-order physics is (in our experience anyway) often
> simpler (esp. if one is mathematically sophisticated) - for example
> relativity turns out to be a simpler way of looking at things than
> Newton's, 

Simpler for explaining the workings of the entire universe, sure.  Simpler
for explaining what happens in the everyday realm of human experience, I
don't think so.

> Vernor Vinge fans will ask, Is the Empire heading for a sorcerous
> Singularity?  (I.e., will there be general Orb-building then Orb-building
> Orbs or Orb-assisted Elder Sorcery learning and boom everyone's godlike?)

I don't think so.  I think that they're being deliberately held back from
such a thing by the Cycle-entity.


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