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Thu Jan 9 11:56:48 PST 2003

> The one technology that strikes me as problematic to these theories is that 
> of gunpowder.  Gunpower is so obviously and manifestly useful to the 
> military that I have trouble believing that it could be supressed.. the 
> Dragon's, if no one else, would not relinquish the technology lightly.  I 
> think that there is another solution to that problem though, that I would 
> propose.  We know, from Issola, that the Dragons have been engaged in 
> sorcerous arms races for a good long time and that the nature of battle 
> shifts back and forth, sometimes being dominated by sorcery and sometimes 
> being dominated by arms.  I can imagin that there *was* an era where 
> firearms where introduced into the field and, perhaps, even dominated the 
> field until such time as some sorcerer developed a set of spells that 
> negated their utility, after which they became merely another footnote in 
> the long history of the Empire.

Consider Spell-sticks (as described in Orca, p. 224).  They went out of
fashion as soon as a sorcerer discovered a way to make all of the enemy's
spell-sticks spontaneously detonate.  It's easy to suppose that a similar
spell could be developed for gunpowder.  (And remember that early guns in
our own world were already likely to spontaneously blow up in the user's


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