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On 1-9-2003 at 2:48 PM, Michael Barr wrote
><SNIP>And the whole idea of the experimental method, so crucial to 
>escaped the Greeks and rose only ever so slowly in Europe. Had conditions 
>even slightly different, it might not have happened.

With conditions the way they were in the middle ages, I'm surprised 
technology progressed as fast as it did. I think greed was a major factor, 
with improved tech and new and larger markets, countries were able to 
increase thier wealth exponentially.ie Spain, Portugal, France, England.
The suppression of knowledge and technology is a well documented historical 
fact. Most monarchies, empires and dictatorships have tried, with success 
most times, to keep the masses ignorant. A well educated, enlightened public 
does not take to being ruled with an iron fist. Superstitious, ignorant 
people are easily handled. In the dragaeran world, only the aristocrats are 
allowed to learn sorcery, Teckla, the largest group, are generally not 
taught, though they are allowed a link to the orb. In _Teckla_ there is one 
teckla who had studied sorcery, on his own, but he is not the norm. 
John D. Barbato OD