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Thu Jan 9 19:58:41 PST 2003

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 In the dragaeran world, only the aristocrats are
> allowed to learn sorcery, Teckla, the largest group, are generally not
> taught, though they are allowed a link to the orb. In _Teckla_ there is
> teckla who had studied sorcery, on his own, but he is not the norm.
> John D. Barbato OD

I would say that only the aristocrats are _expected_ to learn sorcery beyond
the easy stuff the Orb basically does on request for anyone who is linked.
I would submit that Dragaeran society as a whole has such a low opinion of
the theoretical top-end Teckla sorcerer, that most Lords don't even bother
to check for potential.  More a case of:  "You'll never be good enough to be
worth the bother of training you."  than:  "This knowledge must be shielded
>from you lest you become a danger.".