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Dennis Higbee den at monger.net
Fri Jan 10 07:10:51 PST 2003

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Teddywolf wrote:

> Alexx S Kay wrote:
> They hate war.  They may dislike the gods but they hate war.  That's
> actually pretty simple.  They already tried their gambit (the Great
> Weapons), it failed.  If they were to try again they'd have to attempt
> unmaking the pinnacle of their craft, and they know those weapons
> are sentient.  It would be an ultimately heartbreaking act for a
> Serioli to attempt.
> Now the real question (to me) is, why hasn't some Dragaeran tried to
> learn the craft of creating Morganti and Great Weapons?

As far as regular Morganti weapons go, how do we know they haven't?   
There's nothing in _Dragon_ at least to say that Draegarans can't make
Morganti weapons.