Two words about two letters etc.

Mark A Mandel mam at theworld.com
Sat Jan 11 19:18:06 PST 2003

	[Andrew Lias]
#> Now, we might well wonder why the islanders (AFB and can't remember the
#> proper spelling of the damned place) haven't developed their own mundane
#> technologies.  I can only assume that, lacking the big advantage of
#> something equivilent to the Orb, their technologies have been developing at
#> an ordinary rate, proportionate to their lifespans, which would put them
#> somewhere about 3,000 BCE, by my estimates.

	[Ike Porter]
#I think I'm inclined to agree with this. I've concidered the islanders to
#be equivalent to aboriginals in level of tech as well as, to some extent,
#lifestyle. Maybe feudal would be more accurate though.

Technological advance requires a society that gives some people enough
time and energy to mess around with interesting stuff, and maybe
discover or invent something useful. It also requires some physical
resources: e.g., you can't do much with iron if you don't have iron ore.
The Empire's feudal structure, based on the Teckla as the working class
with 90% of the population (where'd I get that figure from? I know I
didn't make it up) at the bottom of the pyramid, provides the former;
and there's certainly plenty of territory for the latter. The islands
don't have much territory and their society seems much less structured.

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