Vlad's Dad -- a right tosser or what?

Mon Jan 13 16:17:11 PST 2003

All the evidence suggests that Vlad's father was
a bit of a sad case. His bought place in the only
Dragaeran house he could get into, his ignorance
of what his son was going through, his rejection
of all aspects of his own culture, even unto
refusing the witchcraft by which either his son
or his father could have gladly saved his life.
All the evidence, of course, comes from Vlad.

So, what if Taltos Pere has good reason for his
actions, what could witchcraft do that would be
worse than death?  By his avoidance of his
easterner heritage it would seem to have
something to do with that. I've been sort of
thinking about this for a while but some of the
threads I've been reading here -- about
taltos/damn what is the plural/ in particular
have made me speculate. It was suggested that in
order to come into their full power a taltos may
not eat or drink, so, anyone who doesn't want to
become  a taltos would want to avoid involuntary
starvation, and it would make sense then to go to
the Empire and run a restaurant wouldn't it? You
might want to keep your kid well fed too.
I note that Vlad is not only food obsessed* but
invariably has some bits of dried kethna or some
cheese somewhere about his person.........

Sorry I meant to say Vlad is a gourmand.


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