on Orb building, and theory-spinning (PotD Spoilers)

Tue Jan 14 10:31:00 PST 2003

Please skip this if you've not read Issola or Paths of the Dead.


Recently I argued that algorithmic thinking was a part of Dragaeran
culture since Zerika I, since she built and programmed the Orb.  I
relied on Issola, where Morrolan and Aliera both report knowing how
to construct an Orb.  Now I see that in PotD, during Kana's discussion
with the heads of the houses, the Athyra rep says that the secret of
Orb-building died with its maker.  Maybe he's lying because he dislikes
Kana, maybe he's protecting trade secrets, maybe Sethra happens to know
and told M&A, maybe ...  Anyway until we get more information on the
subject I'll hold off speculating on early Dragaeran coding practices.

- Philip