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Tue Jan 14 19:15:25 PST 2003

A quick look on the web suggests crossbows were developed in Roman times
(and earlier in China) and came into wide use by 1000 CE; that plate armor
was in use by 1250; that there was an arms race between mail and bow
(cross and long), lost by armor; that the middle age crossbow range was
200-400 meters; that the Chinese developed self-loading repeating
crossbows circa 1800; that javelins, used in part because a javelined
shield was unwieldy, had a range of 10-15 meters.  I imagine that
Dragaerans, being stronger than Easterners, would use the longbow until
a gatling crossbow was developed.  But swords are more exciting to read

- Philip

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 rone at ennui.org wrote:

> Philip Hart writes:
>   Look, I could have made this entire argument with crossbows.
>   The fighting in _Dragon_ would have made no sense if one side had them.
>   Who cares?
> I thought crossbows were developed to defeat plate armor.  Since
> sorcery has already defeated plate armor, why develop crossbows?
> rone
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