Mailing list problem -- It's a madhouse! Only read this once

Thu Jan 16 01:07:47 PST 2003

David Silberstein wrote:
> This message will no doubt be cloned as well, but I just thought I'd
> point out that this mail header:
> X-Archive-Number: 5593
> has been indentical for the seperate messages that have been
> repeating.  This wasn't happening when the cloning problem
> happened before (the X-Archive-Number: has always been unique. )
> I don't know if this is significant, but I thought I'd point that out.
> I suspect that some config file has gotten confused.
> (boingy boingy boingy)

Yes things are buggy, my initial reaction to seeing 30 cacked e-mails is
'bothered' but my secondary and stronger feelings are sympathy for a.)
knowing everyone else got them too b.) David is the one whom fixes things
when they break. So hey heres a random thanks David, I think I can safely
say we all appreciate it.