slightly OT MNDungeon related

Fri Jan 17 06:02:57 PST 2003

Hey I just wanted to let anyone whom might be interested know that I just finished up (as in first playable version) My version of Minnesota dungeon. For those of you whom aren't familiar with MN Dungeon it is a RPG and that's a 'Roll' not a 'Role' for the R. 


This only relates because (unless I'm horridly mistaken, and been so for years and years and years). The game that the Dragaeran universe was inspired from was this very game MN dungeon. Steve ran his own dungeon of which I never had the pleasure of playing in while it was still his. Corwin got it (to my knowledge) after he was done running it, he modified it and wrote his own. It took many shapes and many forms and I played in that dungeon(s) for many years until *we (accidentally solved the puzzle) beat it.


Some few months after we hadn't been gaming I started my version which I've titled H.E.N.G.E. (and no you don't get to know what the acronym stands for so :P ) that was maybe 3 years ago... anyway *I* had to create it with no source tables or source baddies, Corwin endeavored to answer my questions but I made the mistake of not snatching up the opportunity to sift through the old dungeon before it went off to some other state and by doing so caused myself a lot of extra work. 

So, anyway it's **playable, and the first session is tomorrow night 01/***17/03. In the near future I'd be willing to run the dungeon for people whom are interested. This is a general invitation to shout my way if you'd like to play this [4th?] generation MN dungeon. We are located of course in Minneapolis Metro area. Send mail to gm at mndungeon.com or reply personally, That's about it really. 


* Erik E., Erik B., Aliera B, Mike V. and myself I believe were the regular players at the time.

** I hope.

*** The date is not a coincidence.