Two words about two letters etc.

Fri Jan 17 14:31:00 PST 2003

>Sulfer is also pretty common.  "Using it all up" would mean either
>taking it off the planet (why?)

Answer: who knows?  They're Jenoine.  Maybe it's a critical part of the 
process of creating or manipulating Amorphia.  Maybe they use it in their 
tea.  Maybe someone lost a bet.

>or changing it on a subatomic level
>to another element (why?).  If it were simply bound to other elements
>chemically, it could be purified by chemical processes.

This assumes that anyone would have any motivation to do so.  Suggesting 
that creating gunpowder would be a motivation is a chicken and egg thing, 
since they'd need it, in the first place, to discover gunpowder.

That said, I've become partial to the hypothesis that The Cycle, itself, 
frustrates certain avenues of research.

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