couple questions...

Sun Jan 19 11:43:01 PST 2003

Here are a couple questions which I don't recall seeing asked previously...

1.) Not to far into Phoenix or maybe Teckla, Vlad enters his apartment and 
finds Cawti reading one of Paarfi's "Histories"... Since The Pheonix Guards, 
Five Hundred Years After, and The Viscount Trilogy were "published" later, 
after the end of the Pheonix reign, what was the subject of the book Cawti 
was reading?
2.) With the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Jhereg almost upon 
us (first printing listed as April '83, with the book being released a month 
or so prior to that date), are there any plans to commemmorate the 
occassion? If the Vlad Taltos Books were a comic book series instead of a 
series of novels, the occassion would probably see the release of a special 
poster or something of a similar nature...

Steven K. Z. Brust,
Thanks for twenty years of great story-telling, interesting characters, and 
original writing! Thanks for one of the best fantasy series to come out in 
twenty years!

Steven Hubbell

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