POTD question...

Tue Jan 21 13:47:57 PST 2003

At 08:57 AM 1/21/2003 -0700, Jot Powers wrote:
>I don't think there is is any spoiler of any real value here.
>When Pel goes to the Easterner for "services", he asks
>if he is a "knitter of stone", and the reply is something
>like: "No, he crochets".
>This really strikes me as an inside joke, but one I have
>no clue about.  Does anyone else have a stab?

I guess I must be in a "spoil their fun" mood.

This one wasn't an inside joke.  Unless my subconscious was playing games, 
that was nothing more than what sounded to me like an elegant kind of 
code.  Matthew will think I'm lying again, but for the rest of you I hope 
this answers it.