POTD question...

Tue Jan 21 14:33:52 PST 2003

> >I don't think there is is any spoiler of any real value here.
> >
> >When Pel goes to the Easterner for "services", he asks
> >if he is a "knitter of stone", and the reply is something
> >like: "No, he crochets".
> >
> >This really strikes me as an inside joke, but one I have
> >no clue about.  Does anyone else have a stab?
> >
> I guess I must be in a "spoil their fun" mood.
> This one wasn't an inside joke.  Unless my subconscious was playing games,
> that was nothing more than what sounded to me like an elegant kind of
> code.  Matthew will think I'm lying again, but for the rest of you I hope
> this answers it.
> Steve
    Damn, I thought I'd be really cool if it was actually some sort of
esoteric description of the school of swordplay they had studied.

-think about it, crochet could be code for fencing.  One weapon, fast,
elegant, and precise strikes.