Paths of the Dead prelude, notes.

Wed Jan 22 06:32:46 PST 2003

>On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Adina Adler wrote:
>>David Silberstein wrote:
>>> (And for those who don't know, "emma" is Hebrew for "mother")
>>Not really, since the Hebrew word for "mother" is pronounced with a
>>long "e", and "emma" is generally pronounced with a short "e". 
>Well, if you want to get linguistically nit-picky, "emma" is /derived/
>from the Hebrew for "mother".  And if you want to get even more
>nit-picky, "eema" (with long "e") is Aramaic (note the terminal aleph;
>the same goes for "abba"), while the correct Hebrew for mother is "em"
>(short "e").

Interesting. Do you have a source for amy of that? The sources that I
checked say that "emma" comes from the German word for "strong". When
I learned Hebrew I was taught that "eema" and "em" were both equally
correct versions of "mother", and "eema" is what my brothers and I
always called our mother. (My family moved to the US from Israel about
a year before I was born; I used to be bilingual.)