Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Wed Jan 22 17:06:24 PST 2003

>Hey, now!  By Steve's own words, he doesn't write fantasy,
>he writes "Elfy-welfy Dragon and Unicorn Books".  (Ok, I'm
>remembering this one, so if I'm off, well,

Oh, well then, I stand corrected, as I should. :)

>you'd have to find me before you could beat me!!;)

This could be fun... oh damn, did I say that... *looks around to make sure 
SO didn't just drop in and isn't coming around the corner*... but seriously, 
you walked right into a response like that.

>Chris (Who's played "Brust-Pusher" on more than one occasion, and
>will do so until he has raised, by force, the intelligence level of the
>American gene pool....)

Don't you know by now this is an impossible goal? There's nothing left to do 
but...tee hee hee LOL, I hate quoting other peoples cliches... Anyway, 
nothing but that at them all, or at least until they care; problem is a good 
portion of the gene-pool just doesn't care.

tee hee hee, my co-workers are looking at me like I can't possibly be having 
this much fun...ahhh, *sigh* if they only knew how ironic and funny life is.

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