Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

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Wed Jan 22 18:54:30 PST 2003

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> I've been told by a number of Jordan-lovers that I simply
> must read the WoT series (for a variety of reasons).
> I've also heard, on this list and from other sources, that
> they aren't that great.  Given all this, I'm still avoiding
> WoT until a future date when I've got about a year or so to
> read.  Of course, I'm of the type not to listen to the 
> usual ramble of today's readers.  I also prefer more 
> interesting literary endeavors.... :)

The first book is pretty good, and nearly stands alone.  The
first three form a fairly complete story arc.  And though I
consider book 5 to be the point where the author loses 
control of the plot, there is benefit to reading through book 
6.  Avoid everything after that.

*Speaking as someone who just finished book 10.*