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Wed Jan 22 19:21:14 PST 2003

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>>A friend once told me he wouldn't even think about reading it until he
>>knew Jordan would be able to finish it.  That was 8 years ago.......
>If you're looking for a gigantic epic, go for the Dark Tower series by
>Steven King. That, at least, is definitely finished (well, I think it is)
>and just awaiting publication. And the first installment is quite short, so
>you can decide whether you want to continue or not.
>>OTOH, I just got two friends hooked on Steve's work.  In two weeks,
>>they've devoured the first 3 omnibuses, and are heading into the
>>Khaavren romances now.
>This brings up a problem I've had--everyone I give the books to dislikes
>'em. Well, not necessarily dislikes them, but of the two, one's reaction was
>basically, "Eh, cool," and the other couldn't get into them basically
>because (paraphrasing) everyone, Vlad included, is a bad-ass. I mean,
>Aliera's a demigod, one gets the impression that Morrolan has won pitched
>battles against hundreds single-handedly, and Vlad is exceptionally good at
>just about everything he does (except possibly sorcery). About the only
>people he really thought were cool were Kragar and Daymar.  On the other
>hand, both of 'em loved _To Reign in Hell_...
>I guess there's just no accounting for taste, but it sure would be nice to
>have at least -one- of my acquaintances know what I'm talking about when I
>refer to the books. Maybe I should try giving 'em books with "full-plate
>armor and great big honking greatswords..." ;)

That's really odd, I've never encountered anyone who didn't fall in
love with them

Maybe, if they don't like the uber-badass concept, they'd prefer the
Khaavren romances?   That might be enough to get them hooked.



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