Dark Tower (was Re: POTD question...)

Thu Jan 23 06:47:10 PST 2003

> > If you're looking for a gigantic epic, go for the Dark Tower series by
> > Steven King. That, at least, is definitely finished (well, I think it is)
> > and just awaiting publication. And the first installment is quite short, so
> > you can decide whether you want to continue or not.

The first one has a different feel than the rest of them, I think. (Not 
necessarily better or worse; just different. Although it *is* my favorite 
of them.) I haven't read them since _Wizard and Glass_ came out, what, six 
years ago? but I remember them all as being well worth reading.

>No, 'fraid not.  King is damned prolific in everything he writes
>EXCEPT the Dark Tower, and if you read his forwards and
>afterwards, you can get enough of a window into his head to see
>how hard that series has been for him to write.

He *has* said that his next book is definitely Dark Tower #5, and I imagine 
he'll finish the series off before he hangs up his writing hat (which he's 
said he's going to do after he finishes some number of books; ten, maybe?). 
So now's an excellent time to read or reread the first four.

>It IS worth it, though.

True dat.

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