POTD question...

Joshua Kronengold mneme at io.com
Thu Jan 23 07:02:39 PST 2003

Michael Barr writes:
>I have never read Jordan and, after all this discussion, I am not tempted
>to.  But if this list is going to discuss other writers, let me recommend
>Guy Gavriel Kay.  Although he has written other books, his blockbusters
>are Sailing to Sarantium, Lord of Emperors, Tigana , The Lions of
>Al-Rassan, and A Song for Arbonne

You know, I would have said the Sarantium duology and the Fionnavar
Tapestry, but tastes do differ.

In any case, Kay is a gifted author who does occasionally get quite
self-indulgent...and some of his alternative histories work much
better than others (Tigana and Arbonne have major flaws, frex, dispite
their coolness).

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