Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Thu Jan 23 16:06:19 PST 2003

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> From: Chris Olson - SunPS [mailto:Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM] 

> I've been told by a number of Jordan-lovers that I simply
> must read the WoT series (for a variety of reasons).
> I've also heard, on this list and from other sources, that
> they aren't that great.  Given all this, I'm still avoiding
> WoT until a future date when I've got about a year or so to 
> read.  Of course, I'm of the type not to listen to the usual 
> ramble of today's readers.  I also prefer more interesting 
> literary endeavors.... :)


> From: Chris Turkel [mailto:zizban at adelphia.net] 
> > The first book is pretty good, and nearly stands alone.  The first 

This is interesting, since I never made it past the first book.  I made
the attempt because a coworker really enjoyed the books (however many
were out then...this was 8 years ago).  I didn't like _any_ of the
characters, which was a big part of the problem...I thought the main
character was annoyingly inept/stupid, and the rest seemed annoying in a
variety of other ways (arrogant, etc.).  I gave up about half way
through. :)