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J A 'Dusty' Sayers dusty at sayersnet.com
Thu Jan 23 20:06:30 PST 2003

> >Conversation starter: What's your favorite quote
> Here are a couple of mine:
> "I've heard it said, 'By his home shall you know him,' and we all know that
> we must pay attention to anyone who reverses the subject and the auxiliary
> verb in his sentence..."
> "Forgive me; you know we hardened soldiers are all philosophers, and
> philosophers are all poets.  Well, actually, we hardened soldiers are usually
> drunks and whoremongers, but philosophy's a good way to pass the time in
> between."
> Unfortunately, I can't remember which Vlad books these came from.  Sorry
> about that :D

As has alrady been noted, the second quote is from _Dragon_.  I am fairly sure
the first is from _Issola_, and gives Vlad the chance to say that there's nothing
much in Dzur Mountain to tell about Sethra except the funny mechanical device
that he later recalls due to its apparent (to him) similarity to some of the
Jenoine's devices.

I'm personally a big fan of many of the chapter openings to _Jhereg_, and a
friend to whom I recently gave a copy as a Christmas gift dropped into casual
conversation shortly thereafter, 'Sucess leads to stagnation, stagnation leads to

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