Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Thu Jan 23 20:08:19 PST 2003

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>> > I have heard the annoyance at the characters from just about
>> > everyone I know. The general consensus seems to be that we
>> > read Jordan for the complexity of the plot and the richness
>> > of the world, but not for the depth of the characters.
>>Oddly, that makes a certain amount of sense.  However, that kinda puts
>>it in the "Yet Another World" category for me. Hmm.  I'm trying to think
>>of some books that I liked that the characters weren't important (to me
>>at least).  At first I couldn't think of any, but then I remembered
>>Asimov's "Foundation Series".
>What?  You didn't think Hari Seldon was cool?  Not to mention the other 
>guy....uh...the one who tried to ignore his psycho-history training.  He 
>was cool too.

The Mule was kinda cool.  In a mulish sort of way.



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