other authors? (was Re: POTD question...)

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Fri Jan 24 06:56:10 PST 2003

At 03:46 01/24/2003 -0500, Claire Rojstaczer wrote:
>Since no one else seems to be bringing her up, I though I'd mention (read: 
>rave about) Michelle Sagara West.

>But all and all, I'd heartily recommend her Sun Sword series (starts with 
>The Broken Crown, published under the name of Michelle West) and her 
>Sundered series (starts with Into the Dark Lands, published under the name 
>of Michelle Sagara, out of print and hard to come by).  Her Hunter duology 
>(Hunter's Oath, Hunter's Death) was something of a dissappointment to me, 
>and I wouldn't recommend that to anyone who hasn't read and enjoyed the 
>Sun Sword books; it provides illuminating background to those, but on its 
>own I find it pretty weak.

I have read the Sun Sword series (thus far); a little disappointed that 
some of the threads I thought were going to happen didn't, but overall 
amazed at the complexity of the various threads of plot, which seem to go 
every which way.  One wonders if they will ever meet in one grand, crashing 

Regards, Pete
pgranzeau at cox.net