Favorite quote

Fri Jan 24 09:55:33 PST 2003

Mark Tiller wrote:
> Yeah, and in a Tom Clancy novel, Debt of Honor from Memory, 
> Somebody asks whats the difference between a fairy story and 
> a sea story, Answer The fairy story starts 'Once upon a time' 
> and the sea story starts 'No Shit'.
> But I agree, it's a great way to start a story.
> Mark

In response to this, from Gametech:
> One that always springs to mind of course is from the intro of Dragon.
> "No shit. There I was...."
> I nearly fell out of my chair the first time I read it. I 
> can't recall the beginning line to most other books. This one 
> I'll never forget it's a despicably awesome way to start one.

I'm not sure how prevelant the phrase was in the Midrealm, but in the East
Kingdom, this is the obligatory openning for the tall tales told around the
fire at any war event.  "No shit, there I was on the field at Pennsic XVII,
when I looked around and realized that all my shieldmates were down.  Duke
Sir Toughskin was wheeling toward me and I ...."