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Fri Jan 24 11:34:24 PST 2003


On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 12:00:11  
 Andrew Lias wrote:
>>I've only tried the Amber Chronicles. I just couldn't get into the
>>story. It was depressing. Maybe Iain (husband) can give more insight. He
>>encouraged me to try them, but acknowledged that he didn't think they
>>were "my thing", whatever that means.
>>(Note: I don't like depressing books. They may be necessary, but I go
>>out of my way to avoid them, including _Teckla_!)
>That's interesting.  In my opinion, although the Amber books are his most 
>famous work, they aren't my personally favorites (although I do rather like 
>the first series -- the less said about the second, the better).
>If I may offer a few suggestions, should you decide to take another crack at 
>him, consider reading Creatures of Light and Darkness.  I guarantee that 
>it's like nothing else you've ever read (whether you'll find that a good 
>thing or not, I don't know).  Likewise, you might try Roadmarks (a very 
>different time travel story), or Isle of the Dead (which, IMO, was simply 
>You might also see if you can dig up a collection of his short stories (I'm 
>especially fond of the Unicorn Variations collection).

I think that it was in his Short Stories where Roger's best work can be seen. I own everything I could get my hands on that he's written,
and his style, genius and humor can be seen best in the short stories.

At a lecture he gave at the library here years ago, he noted that he wrote _Creaturs of Light and Darkness_ just for fun, never intending it to get published. Then one of the editor friends saw it at his place, read it, and asked to publish. 

Maybe because he did it for himself rather than for sale makes it all the more fun, but I agree, Creatures is great. My favorite bit is the
non-denominational non-sectarian preacher. And his prayer is a hoot!

Isle of the Dead, which was actually the first book of Roger's I ever read, I thought was great, but I think it might not be the best introduction to his works. I've known some people to say it is a weaker work, (though I'd disagree).

 - Barbara

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