Favorite NON-fiction

Fri Jan 24 11:53:46 PST 2003

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> Okay, maybe favorite fiction lists have been done, but no one (that I've
> noticed) has been listing their favorite non-fiction authors or works.
> So...

Mmm. Let's see here...

H.L. Mencken (surprise! ;))
Roshi Philip Kapleau: The Three Pillars of Zen
Roland Barthes: Mythologies
Thomas More: Utopia
Bertrand Russell: Why I Am Not a Christian
Tom Frank: One Market Under God and The Baffler (ed.)
Matthew Arnold: Culture and Anarchy
Marx, Lenin
Michio Kaku: Hyperspace and Beyond Einstein
Michel de Montaigne
Jon Lee Anderson: Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life

(Poetry--it's not really non-fiction, but it's not novels either :))
W.H. Auden
W.B. Yeats
Edgar Allen Poe

Hmm. I do believe I've revealed a little philosophical dissonnance up
there... o.O


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