POTD question...

Sat Jan 25 14:49:13 PST 2003

    I've never had troubles associated with Vlad because of one of the main
reasons I like him.  While Vlad had a unique position as both a Easterner
and a Dragerean, most of his Bad-assery comes from him, not because he
picked up a powerful weapon (like Morrolan and Aliera), and not because he's
a demigod (like Aliera).  He's just human, he's a smart human who's had some
lucky breaks, but his coolness comes from something that anyone could
attain, not some extraordinary power.

-Dark Schiender may be my role model but Vlad is certainly my hero.

> Noah Stacy writes:
>   ... the other couldn't get into them basically
>   because (paraphrasing) everyone, Vlad included, is a bad-ass. I mean,
>   Aliera's a demigod, one gets the impression that Morrolan has won
>   battles against hundreds single-handedly, and Vlad is exceptionally good
>   just about everything he does (except possibly sorcery).
> Sometimes i feel something similar; basically, Vlad has managed to
> make it this far only because he has acquired some incredible
> bad-asses as friends.  But then it seems as though it were ordained by
> fate, what with reincarnation.  Plus, the Brust theory about writing
> characters as people whom he found interesting and would want to hang
> out with is fairly compelling.
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