Morrolan & Zerika (POTD spoilers)

Sat Jan 25 15:45:58 PST 2003

I don't see that, I felt that Godslayer was designed to go through
anybody's defenses.  That's its unique ability.


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Mark Mandel writes:

> ISTR something about Godslayer being specially created to tear through

> the Jenoine's defenses.

I don't recall seeing a text reference to that specific point.

On the other hand, I the impression that Godslayer was effective against
the Jenoine (in ISSOLA) because they weren't expecting it.  It seemed to
me as if the Jenoine were ready for Blackwand, Iceflame and Pathfinder.
Godslayers presence was unexpected, and no defenses had been set up for
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