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Sat Jan 25 15:50:08 PST 2003

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>> Segueing from wheels to runners, are there any references to skis,
>sleds, &c in the Dragaera 
>> books? Is there an equivalent of Finland, where renegade Athyra Linaan
>Torvus develops an 
>> 'Open Sorcery Movement'?
>But don't you know Linus I mean Linaan is EVIL.  The 'Open Sorcery
>Movement' is BAD! It stifles development because people don't get paid
>exhorbitant amounts of money to develop it?  How do I know this you ask,
>William De Gatte, Keeper of the Windows told me so!

Does the Orb have Intel inside, or an AMD architecture?



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 foreign quarrels; that action, hence borne out, may waste the memory
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