An unspoiled perspective on _Agyar_

Sat Jan 25 16:44:45 PST 2003

My roommate has been moonlighting as a night-shift security guard.  This
gives him lots of time to read.  I introduced him to Brust; he loves the
Vlad and Khaavren books.  The other night he was running late, and noticed
_Agyar_ on my shelf.  

Now, it's his habit to take off the dust jackets on hardcovers so as not
to risk damaging them.  So, he read _Agyar_ without being spoiled by the 
blurb.  He reports that he got about halfway through the book before
the penny dropped -- he'd had clues before then, but it took the hero taking
a shotgun blast before he was sure what was going on.

Just thought you all might be interested to know....

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