POTD question...

Sun Jan 26 07:04:11 PST 2003

> I've never had troubles associated with Vlad because of one of the
> reasons I like him. While Vlad had a unique position as both a
> and a Dragerean, most of his Bad-assery comes from him, not because he
> picked up a powerful weapon (like Morrolan and Aliera), and not
because he's 
> a demigod (like Aliera). He's just human, he's a smart human who's had
> lucky breaks, but his coolness comes from something that anyone could 
> attain, not some extraordinary power. 
> AkodoBob 

While I've never had a problem with Vlad's badassedness (if this isn't a
word, it should be), I don't think we can attribute his successes only
to elements that everybody could attain. He may not be a demi-god but he
is the latest incarnation of a very powerful figure and still retains
some of the powers. This heritage also supplies him with a host of
friends that includes great weapon holders, a demi-god, a goddess, a
demon, an undead enchantress, etc. Any old Easterner on the street
couldn't really aspire to where Vlad is with just a few lucky breaks.


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