Favorite NON-fiction

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 27 09:52:08 PST 2003

> >_____ - _Lies My Teacher Told Me_
> This sort of thing exists?  When I read _Science of 
> Discworld_ (by Pratchett, Stewart, and Cohen), they discussed
> how school texts are full of "lies-to-students" and why, but
> didn't have many examples or the true explanations.

Heh.  Yes, it does exist.  It's about history,
mostly, and covers the things that your teachers
never told you, and what they got wrong, and the
lies they flat-out told you.

It's actualy a great book.  History as Mystery is another
similar one.  I remember an early chapter about Christopher
Columbus in _Lies_ was excellent and ... interesting.

But yeah, it exists.  It's amazing what they DON'T teach you
in school these days.  Even in college....


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