RE: Favorite NON-fiction  

Mon Jan 27 14:18:44 PST 2003

Philip Hart wrote:
> At least in physics it's more like - remember the stuff from last year?
> That's an ok approximation, but here's a better model - or, now that
> you're more mathematically sophisticated here's a subtler way to reach
> the same result.

How is this different, fundamentally, from the Chris Columbus stories?   I
don't think it's worthwhile to claim that the baby history we learned in
grade school is all lies because it wasn't concerned with anything more than
giving us a framework of dated events to hang later learning on any more
than we should call the Algebra II teacher that showed you how to look up
the sine of an angle in a table or on your calculator was lying.

The key is that in _any_ discipline there is much more to learn.  For

The lie is telling yourself otherwise.