An unspoiled perspective on _Agyar_

Mon Jan 27 14:49:24 PST 2003

At 04:58 PM 1/27/2003 -0500, Michele Riccio wrote:

> > On Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 05:49:22PM -0800, Steven Brust
> >  Interesting.  But...I can't figure out how that dust
> > jacket blurb could > have given anything away that wasn't evident by
> > about page 6.
> >
> > On 25 Jan 2003 at 19:56, Matthew Hunter wrote
> > Now, if the HC blurb spoils something ELSE, then all that is
> > rendered irrelevent.
> >
>It may not have been the blurb.  I just read (curtesy of
>Amazon.com) the back cover of Agyar, and there is nothing of a
>give-away nature there.  But I am sure there is something
>somewhere that uses the "v" word.  Possibly a snip from a review?
>I can't remember for certain.

Ah.  Okay, that I can believe.  I remember being delighted with the jacket 
copy for that book.  I spoke with Patrick Neilsen Hayden at Tor, and he 
chuckled, and explained that the production department had some sort of bet 
going.  I don't remember what, but something like whoever first used the 
"V" word in connection with the book had to buy lunch.

See why I like Tor so much?