Re: Favorite NON-fiction  

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 27 15:02:17 PST 2003

> > (Ok, this one's a bit long.  Sorry.  We hit on one of those subjects
> > for which I'm an arrogant, stubborn bastard....;)
> Whats the maxim? "History is written by the victors."? I think that 
> applies here.

(Are you referring to the topic, or to my arrogance?
I assure you, my arrogance is not limited to history...;)

But this maxim is what bothers me so much about history
as taught in schools.  It shouldn't be written by the
victors alone.  History is a part of everyone, because
everyone is a part of history.

It's not enough to say "Adron had a hissy-cow at the Emperor
and brought about the Interregnum."  For history to be accurate,
as well as to inform and enlighten, we need to be shown more than
one side of the story.  We need to be shown that Adron was an
arrogant, prideful guy, whose actions brought about the worst
calamity since the cataclysm that created the Great Sea of Chaos.
We should also be shown that he thought he was doing what was right; 
that he was a very moral man who cared a great deal about his Empire 
and the direction it was taking.

Just listing facts does nothing for history.  We need to go beyond
that.  Besides, it would make history MUCH more fun!!

Chris (who had to leave for a quick meeting, hence the repost.  And
who brought it back to a semi-on-topic level!! <grin>:)_