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"H. T." <electrictwilight at hotmail.com> writes:

> >It is not unusual for several different scientists, or teams of scientists,
> >to be working on the same theory at the same time. The one that puplishes
> > first, gets the credit, even if thier research is based upon another
> > persons
> > initial research. Remember- one source is called plagiarism, several
> > sources
> >is called research.
> I hate to be a pain in the butt... okay actually I love to be one, but
> that's beside the point... but last time I looked one source without
> citing its creator is plagiarism, two sources without citing their
> inventors is plagiarism, twenty-sources without citing their
> originators is plagiarism... and basing one's research off of anothers
> data that is created at the same time as the research you are working
> on, and especially the information of who you are in direct
> competition with, without giving them their due, is usually industrial
> espionage...
> Focusing simply on plagiarism, it's not like you could take SKZB's
> works or ideas, mix a little Grisham in there and steal a little old
> Orwell and create a book that is not original and/or unique... Emmm,
> (I am thinking a fantastic, lawyerly, political, space opera? With
> talking animals of course...). Beside it's lack of ethical standards,
> you'd probably get sued for plagiarism as well as a multitude of other
> things... :)
> Of course, before anyone comments on this analogy, inspiration without
> plagiarism and/or stealing, wherein one creates something totally
> unique is usually another thing.

And yet nobody, least of all David Gerrold or Robert Heinlein, thought
_The Trouble With Tribbles_ plagiarized _The Rolling Stones_.  Or for
that matter the Hornblower books.  In literature, if you borrow from
enough sources and rub off enough serial numbers, it really does stop
being plagiarism. 
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